ORSTAT was conceived from the realization that excessive OR Turnover Time across the country costs medical institutions, and, ultimate their patients, millions of dollars each year – all because of the lack of a simple tool to effectively and easily communicate with OR staff.

Meet the team that has conceived and developed the logical and simple app to reduce OR Turnover times.

Richard Guarino

Richard Guarino is an accomplished executive with over 25 years’ experience specializing in business development in the private business-to-business and public higher education sectors.

An inclusive finance and operations manager Mr. Guarino delivers experience and successes in developing and executing shared services models, launching new business models, and executing complex business-to-business strategies. Mr. Guarino earned his BA in Business from Hofstra University and an MBA from Dowling College.

Damian Barker

Damian is a 25 year veteran of the digital product design industry with extensive user experience design capabilities in the mobile app and online space. Damian’s ever-present emphasis is on a user’s intuitive and logical process when achieving tasks and goals in everyday business activities.

Damian is also responsible for the marketing and customer acquisition for ORSTAT through traditional, online and social media channels.